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Whether you call it Worm Droppings, Worm Castings or Worm Poop, the end result is Vermicompost; a soil amendment containing micro-nutrients which are not available in traditional fertilizers or soil additives.


Vermicompost comes from worm farming or composting such as Red Wiggler, African Night Crawler, white worms, then harvesting the Worm Castings or Worm Droppings (poop). This end product is a natural fertilizer, which can be used for lawns, trees, vegetable garden and other plants.


It’s often called Black Gold


Worm Droppings (Vermicompost) are all natural and organic, it improves soil structure while building deeper, stronger root systems, encouraging greener, healthier growth of all plants, flowers, shrubs and lawns. This is why it’s called Black Gold.


Basically, Vermicompost comes from worms and makes an excellent organic pesticide free plant food. It’s a fact that Vermicompost will help improve the soil of your lawn and garden. Healthy soil is the long-term key to lawn and garden success. Without fertile soil, plants cannot thrive. Homeowners have called on professional landscapers and other retail outlets that offer organic soil amendments to assist with their lawns and gardens.


Since 1990 the market for organic products has grown at a rapid pace, averaging 20-25 percent per year to reach $33 billion in 2005 (source: Wikipedia). There is also a trend among many homeowners to consider long-term environmental concerns in their lawn maintenance programs. Many residential communities have also achieved partnerships with conservation and eco organizations on local and national levels prior to developing land for neighborhoods.


Good quality Worm Droppings are in high demand by many homeowners, gardeners and weekend yard warriors in order to while maintain their property with an eco-friendly alternative to chemical solutions.


Worm Droppings (vermicompost) is a great organic, earth-friendly product that can be used to eliminate problems and build thickness, density, and a healthy turf. The natural properties of Worm Castings enhances a lawn’s ability to ward off invasion from weeds and other pests that keep your lawn from looking its best.




How To Create A Worm Farm


Worm Composting is a method of recycling food and garden waste into a rich, dark, soil conditioner. It’s environmentally friendly and saves money in the process.


Start with a suitable container, which we’ll call our Compost Bin. This Compost Bin does not have to be big; any 10-gallon Rubbermaid Tub with a lid will work.


ü  Add holes to the lib – worm require fresh air

ü  Line the bottom with shredded newspaper, and then dampen it slightly

ü  Add sand on top of the newspaper (play sand will work)

ü  Add primary bedding material like composted manure or other organic dirt

ü  Add in the worms (approximately 1 pint), spread them out over the bed

ü  Cover worms with 1 additional layer of bedding

ü  Add kitchen scraps (vegetable based, avoid fatty foods like cheese & meat)

ü  Add 1 additional layer of compost to the top and dampen slightly

ü  Cover with lid and place Compost Bin in a shaded, cool location

ü  Add kitchen scraps as needed until the Compost Bin is full


Once full, it’s time to harvest your Worm Castings. This end product is called Vermicompost, which is an all-organic, fertile soil amendment, or Black Gold.


Tests have shown that a 20% – 40% mix of Vermicompost with your regular soil or potting soil is an effective blend for your plant or garden.